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Sit right and earn crypto

Work healthy
and be rewarded!

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SitYEA is a Web3 health-2-earn app that will help millions to work healthier and earn seamlessly!

Improve your well-being, remove bad posture habits and earn simultaneously by using SitYEA.

Why does it matter?

70% of office workers spend an average of 5 hours glued to their chairs DAILY

Numerous studies show that sitting for 5+ hours a day is HAZARDOUS to your health

A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to:
>14 diseases
+19% chance of premature death

How does it work?

Prevent the cause of your daily back pain - sit straight and enjoy healthy living!

Posture tracking

Get real-time notifications when hunching and develop healthy sitting skills.

Take-a-break reminder

Setup a take-a-break reminder and make a huge impact on your health!

Posture statistics

Review your sitting habits with a personal dashboard.

Scientific proof:

AI solution based on scientific Article1, Article2, Article3 by co-founder Rytis Maskeliūnas, Ph.D.

How to earn?


Stake SitYEA tokens

The longer you stake, the bigger reward you get.

Sit straight

The better you sit, the bigger staking multiplier applies.

Claim rewards and be healthy

Claim your weekly rewards for healthy sitting habits.

What do our clients say?


Ainis Kavaliauskas

General Manager at Microsoft Lithuania

I was offered to try SitYEA in our Microsoft office.
I did and I really liked it. I think these guys will help millions
of people around the world to stay healthier in their working environment.


Milda Januškaitė

Graphic designer at

We were beta testers of SitYEA.
The main convenience is that you only setup it once and it’s working
seamlessly in background. You just being reminded when you hunched.


Augustinas Pocevičius

Commerce Manager at UAB "Be more...

SitYEA helped me to stay aware of how I sit every day and avoid back-related problems. I would recommend SitYEA for everyone, who want to work healthier in an office or home environment.

What do our clients value in us?


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Offline image processing


No video tracking or recording

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Road map

Till 2022

  • Scientific research
  • Scientific publications released
  • AI model training and testing
  • Beta launch on Windows Store

Phase I

  • Capital raise
  • Scale the team
  • Token / Staking SC
  • Marketing kickoff
  • 20k community members

Phase II

  • NFTs sales
  • Implement Health2Earn
  • IEO / IDO
  • Multichain support
  • Listing in Tier 1 CEX
  • 50k community members

Phase III

  • Mac OS support
  • Achievments system
  • iOS / Android support
  • Listing in +2 Tier 1 CEX
  • 150k community members

Phase IV

  • Marketplace function
  • Apple Health integration
  • Fatigue detection
  • Emotional health score
  • Functions for B2B clients
  • 250k community members

Our team

From IT professionals to academics, our team is focused on bringing health and wealth together.

Džiugas Gudiškis

Džiugas Gudiškis

Chief Executive Officer

Kaunas University of Technology

Vilma Khmaladze

Vilma Khmaladze

Board member

Harvard University

PhD Rytis Maskeliūnas

PhD Rytis Maskeliūnas

Chief Technical Officer

Marius Zaveckas

Marius Zaveckas


Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

And other 7 team members

Looking for smart people join our team
marketing, growth specialists, advisors and investors.

Send us an email at

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